Jonathan and Kirti Walpole's 950 km canoe journey across Northwest Territories and Nunavut in July and August of 2014

Yes, the canoe really packs into a bag!

The earlier pictures make the PakCanoe look just like a normal canoe. It doesn't look like it would fold up and pack in a bag. So, here are a few pictures of it being broken down. Without its spray deck the skin on frame construction is more easily seen.
Half an hour of undoing clips and disconnecting parts sees the canoe broken down into its basic components. Its actually not too difficult, but it would be difficult to do it much quicker than a half an hour (building or dismantling). You can see the new more robust seats we made on top of the pile.
Finally, it all goes into a bag. Well, two bags. Since the foam floors we made are a bit bulky, we pack them, together with the frame components in one bag (the black one) and the canoe skin and spray deck together in another bag (the white one). There is a 36" ruler resting on the white bag to give an idea of the size of the two packages. Each is fairly easy to portage, especially using the portage system we have devised, which will be discussed in the next post. Alternatively, the canoe can be portaged like a regular canoe using its removable portage yoke (not seen in any of the pictures).