Jonathan and Kirti Walpole's 950 km canoe journey across Northwest Territories and Nunavut in July and August of 2014

Day 8

Weather: Sunny and warm with a light breeze
Distance: 37 km, one portage and one lined rapid
Location: Latitude:63.65733, Longitude:-105.15179 at 07/20/2014 17:14:11 PDT
Map link: Click here

We started out with an unmarked portage at the exit from the lake we camped on last night. It was a major rapid, with two ledge drops, but luckily the portage was short at under 400 m.

The day was sunny and warm with a light breeze, and our route took us past many beautiful, large, white sandy eskers. We stopped for lunch on one of them and hiked for a while.

Later, we had to line a short but intense rapid that might be runnable at a higher flow, but looked pretty dangerous at the flow we had. The lining was fairly straightforward along a channel close to shore. This rapid was actually a couple of km later than where it was marked on the map we had. It was at the entrance to a large lake (Reminder: update the map!). The remainder of the day consisted of some lakes interspersed with sections of moving water and some small class 1-2 rapids and riffles.

We saw many geese and a peregrine falcon. We passed what appeared to be a hydrological monitoring station and some kind of scientific research station. Both were unmanned, but had various pieces of scientific equipment and antennae. The river changed in character from sandy eskers to rocky shores and small cliffs.