Jonathan and Kirti Walpole's 950 km canoe journey across Northwest Territories and Nunavut in July and August of 2014

Can you find the route?

Ok, here is a challenge for you! Our planned drop-off point is the east end of Campbell Lake, which is the headwaters of the Hanbury river. Its coordinates are:


If you start up Google Maps, select the satellite view, and paste in these coordinates, you should be able to zoom in and see where we start. See if you can find the Hanbury River and follow it to its junction with the Thelon. Its like solving a maze puzzle. Along the way, you should see some interesting features, such as white sand dunes and eskers. You will also see a lot of lakes. Its going to be an interesting trip and an interesting navigational challenge.

The end of our trip, at Baker Lake, is at the following coordinates: