Jonathan and Kirti Walpole's 950 km canoe journey across Northwest Territories and Nunavut in July and August of 2014

Day 5

Weather: Sunny, very windy
Distance: 2km
Location: Latitude:63.65110, Longitude:-105.96355 at 07/17/2014 18:34:09 PDT
Map link: Click here

Although the weather was clear and sunny, the wind was still blasting and the lake surrounding the island we were on was covered in whitecaps. It was too rough to paddle, and the fierce wind would have been a headwind anyway, strong enough to prevent any progress by canoe. So, this was a day for hiking! Unfortunately, we were on a small island with no way off. After 30 minutes we had hiked the whole thing. That was bad planning. So we hung around and waited for the wind to drop. It was pleasant and relaxing, at least, with no bugs.

We had breakfast, then hiked around a bit. Then lounged around, then had lunch. Then we watched a ptarmigan for a while and hiked around some more. Eventually, by late afternoon the wind subsided slightly, so we quickly packed up and paddled away from the island to a slightly better (more protected) location on a larger island about a mile away. By the time we got there the weather had deteriorated again and we found ourselves setting up the tent again in a hurry and preparing for another onslaught of wind and rain.

Another thunderstorm came through with fierce wind and torrential rain. It was the full fire-hose treatment again, but this time were were in a slightly more sheltered position so it was easy to weather it out. Then it calmed down for a while, then we had another thunderstorm. The storms came one after another all evening. There was nothing to do other than wait in the tent with everything locked down. We caught up on our study of the history of the Thelon river, which Kirti read out loud from our kindle.